My name is Nir Shelter, I’m a Sydney based DIT and data manager. I’ve worked in the film and television industry in various capacities and a range of projects for over 16 years.

Exposure to new and emerging digital production technologies, and a passion for story telling, drove my growing interest in the evolution of both onset and post-production work-flows. 

My interests logically led me to actively seek out knowledge and experience by means of ongoing education and hands on work.

I was fortunate enough to notch up work with the very first solid state HD systems in Australia. While I was gaining this valuable knowledge, various other cameras and recording mediums were making data management, colour management and look control important aspects in film-making. By 2005 I had become one of the first data managers and DITs in Australia.

I created workflows, procedures and hardware setups that have since become industry standards for the safe handling of digital media and look control.

I regularly work with the most established post production houses and post production supervisors in Australia. I also collaborate with experienced system administrators, networking engineers and data operations teams. I’ve built work-flows and infrastructure for the most demanding pipe-lines, and on some of the largest 2D and S3D productions in the country to date.


Together with my collaborators, we are able to design and implement dailies, DIT and onset data work-flows for films with multiple units across all states and territories in Australia and the Asia pacific. These work-flows are designed to feed seamlessly into any editorial and DI pipe-line around the world.

I would very much look forward to speak with you about your upcoming projects.